Sauvage Swim

Since 1985.  Simon & Elizabeth Southwood have been growing a swimwear culture known simply as Sauvage.

Elizabeth was born to a seamstress, and has never looked back at her passion for apparel design. She and her boyfriend at the time, Simon Southwood, had a friend who needed some swim trunks fro an upcoming vacation. Elizabeth offered to make him a swimsuit solely for the joy of making it, however he insisted on purchasing it. In that moment Simon had and Epiphany, seeing a business opportunity to showcase Elizabeth inspirations, and a men’s swimwear line was born. Selling a small new men’s line in South California quickly blossomed into a women’s line being added to the mix, and both being sold worldwide. A family business since its inception. Sauvage is still headed by Simon & Elizabeth who continue to work tirelessly. Their son has grown into the business sharing his passion for apparel, graphic design, and pride in sauvage swimwear.


We are proud to present the most glamorous looks for Spring-Summer 2019 by San Diego by designer Elizabeth Southwood for Sauvage, Luxe Sauvage, and Sauvage Men’s Swimwear.

Designed and Manufactured in the USA, high quality standards and attention to detail make the Sauvage collections stand apart.

Luxe-Sauvage is a resort style collection, unique prints featuring luxury cover-ups.

Sauvage is fashion forward, sexy & always glamorous, always on trend, and features gorgeous Swarovski crystal – the best in the world.

The Men’s Collection features European style swim trunks and most modern board shorts, and a new Yoga inspired activewear collection also showcased on our sister website www.

A favorite of celebrities and models, Sauvage regularly receives acclaim in major fashion magazines.

The Starlet bikini shined on the cover photo of the 2011 Sports Illustrated magazine cover shot on the gorgeous Irina Shayk, and Sauvage stars the magazine regularly.

The collections are sold at better swim stores in the USA and world wide, with the Sauvage flagship store located in beautiful La Jolla, CA – a fabulous beach community in San Diego.

Every Facet of the product development is handled at Sauvage Headquarters in San Diego, CA. The process starts with an inspiration, foes through design, testing, and manufacturing her in our facility. Finished goods are then marketed, sold, and shipped under the same roof. Over time we have found the only way to produce a product with integrity that we believe in is to handle the entire process, setting us apart in this day and age. We are proud that each garment is designed and made entirely in the USA.