Vichi Swim

Monique Deptula is a Los Angeles based designer, she has being inspired by beautiful beaches around the world and the HOLLYWOOD GLAM, she loves combining this concepts in her designs creating fun swimsuits with a touch of GLAM.

Monique have  pasion for fashion,beauty and the arts, she started learning from different designers, and getting involve in fashion, until she decide to start her own brand in 2015 getting totally involve in the whole process from creating to the final product of VICHI swim.

Monique designs goals are creating designs for all shapes and ages.

Deptula will be again catching eyes in the industry during Miami Swim Week 2018!

VICHI Swim has quickly become a new favorite swim brand creating waves in the swim world with their existing styles and creating NEW completely original designs. All bikinis are handmade in the USA using the highest-quality materials hand-picked from sources all over the world.

VICHI Swim is well known for their transformable and reversible swimsuits, sexy cuts, the ability to accentuate all body types and combining the Beach styles with a HOLLYWOOD GLAM.

You can follow us on Instagram @VICHiswim to check out new collections, upcoming sales and events.